Evil Tony (Character possessed by ghost) || Tony & Loki (Closed)

Tony was asked by a few scientists to look at an ancient relic. They said it was scientific. He was told it was a lockbox of some sort. They wanted it open. What better place to go than to a genius. Tony searched and searched for a way to open it with no luck. A simple puzzle box had the great Tony Stark stumped. He worked tirelessly away at it for hours, ignoring anything that tried to steal his attention. He barely ate or slept anymore. Finally after weeks, it opened. 

There was a light. That was all Tony remembered. He was no longer Tony. He was Enoch, master of demons and angels. He was going to rule the world, using this man. This genius, who had power. It was the perfect plot. He knew making the puzzle box difficult would lead him right into the hands of someone important, and Tony was definitely important.